At Lakeside Christian Academy, we believe that home and school should work together to help students grow to honor and glorify God in their lives in cultivating appropriate decision-making in all areas of their life.  Our Senior High Academic Program is comprised of a full range of academic studies with emphasis on preparation for college entrance.  The core curriculum is comprised of Bible, English, Literature, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Foreign Language.  Available electives vary based upon student need. Educational excellence is our goal, therefore we often collaborate with College Faculty to provide discipline-specific instruction for our students.


School day and size

8:00 am – 3:20 pm
Class size average is between 10-15 students

Extra curricular activities

  • Beta Club
  • Athletics
  • Campus Church
  • Drama – Christmas Theatrical Production
  • Yearbook
  • Other activities based upon enrollment

Graduation Requirements

Students must successfully complete the following required credit in order to graduate:

  • Bible – 4
  • English – 4
  • Literature – 4 (beginning 2016)
  • Social Studies – 3
  • Math – 4
  • Science – 3
  • Foreign Language – 2
  • Humanities – 1
  • Technology – 1
  • Electives – 4

Students will be allowed, as a senior, to enter the Early College Program through Morehead State University. Students must have a 3.0 GPA to participate.